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In order to stay extremely competitive, LMC has developed a specific passivating business unit, with it's own team leader that specializes in the passivating process. Each unit has it's own value stream manager who is trained to utilize LEAN techniques and to create single source responsibility to each customer. This cutting edge thinking is how you get the best quality, deliver and cost for your component.

Why Passivate?

Contrary to popular belief, stainless steel can corrode, especially heat-treatable stainless. During the production process using martensitic stainless steel, trace amounts of iron are introduced into the surface of the stainless form machining, forming, rolling or stamping. This iron is very susceptible to corrosion. Once the iron corrodes it can actually penetrate into the base steel. Passivation dissolves the iron and leaves the surface passive. LMC’s state of the art technology specializes in the processing of small bulk processed components which require special handling and strict quality requirements.

* Nitric Acid and Sodium Dichromate
* Cleaning/Degreasing
* Heat Scale Removal
* Copper Sulfate/Humidity Testing (On Every Lot)
* 24 to 48 Hour Turnaround
* Nadcap Approved


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