Old Traditions
New Values

Pride. Craftsmanship. Attention to detail.

These are among the many strengths of Light Metals Coloring. For over 50 years, LMC has maintained a leadership position in finishing technology. From the earliest days, intense customer loyalty has been part of the way we do business.


The growing number of applications for aluminum, combined with LMC's reputation for customer service, have made this company one of the largest independent aluminum anodizing "job shops" in the country.

Today LMC employs over 100 people-among them some of the finest minds in the aluminum finishing trade.

New challenges face the modern finisher and we are proud of our ability to adapt and turn every challenge into an opportunity. Light Metals Coloring is committed to a conscientious manufacturing methodology. Aware of the need to protect our environment and maintain compliance with the regulatory agencies, LMC has invested significant resources in the development of "environmentally" sound processes.

You can feel good about working with Light Metals Coloring-both for the excellent work we'll do for you AND for the way we do it.




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