In order to stay extremely competitive, LMC has developed five specific anodizing business units. Rather than place all of the incoming work into one process, we created each unit to have a different cost/delivery/value proposition. Each unit has it's own value stream manager who is trained to utilize LEAN techniques and to create single source responsibility to each customer. This cutting edge thinking is how you get the best quality, deliver and cost for your component.

High Precision Anodizing - This manufacturing cell is reserved for the high quality components with a need for close tolerances, specific racking requirements, zero defects, and or special packaging. This cell is reserved for higher end precision machined aluminum parts.

High Efficiency Anodizing - When you require a lower per piece cost and higher volumes, HE rack anodizing is your option. Our in-house rack fabrication department maintains an inventory of custom built racks that are designed for maximum loading and unloading efficiencies, offering you the lowest possible rack anodizing costs. Although we specialize in pieces .187" to 3" in diameter, we are capable of handling larger sizes up to 48" in length.This business unit is usually chosen for components where cost is most important and specialty packaging is not needed.

High Efficiency Bulk - Depending on your quality requirements, HE Bulk Anodizing is your lowest cost option. This is an excellent choice for rivets, ferrules, bolts, screws, fasteners, grommets, and any other small loose parts where speed and volume is required to make production economical. LMC is one of the originators of the bulk anodizing process going all the way back to 1945.

High Precision Hardcoat - Type III anodizing, also called hardcoat anodizing, is a thicker variation usually between 25 and 150μm and requires more process control. Hardcoat is extremely tough and durable. It is used where abrasion and corrosion resistance, as well as surface hardness, are critical factors. Essentially, hardcoating is a sulfuric acid anodizing process with the electrolyte concentration, temperature, and electric current parameters altered to produce a hardened surface. Our hardcoat has withstood more that 1,000 hours of continual salt spray testing without failure, providing tremendous corrosion resistance...a fact readily advertised by some of the major companies we serve.

High Efficiency Hardcoat - When you require a lower per piece price and higher volumes, HE Hardcoat is your solution. This extremely tough and durable finish provides abrasion and corrosion resistance as well as surface hardness. Our racks are designed and built in-house to provide the fastest load and unload times. This unit is reserved for smaller parts in larger quantities and offers the lowest prices for hardcoating.

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